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Tesla Cybertruck has been unveiled, 500 mile range, bullet proof?

Tesla just revealed it's shocking electric pickup truck to the world and we now know some official details, including specs, pricing, range and more.

To say that the Tesla truck was highly anticipated is perhaps the biggest understatement ever. When Elon Musk first suggested Tesla would do a truck, the long wait for the grand reveal began. That wait is now over and the moment of truth has arrived.

Ford may be developing a new Lincoln electric SUV with Rivian

One of the most prominent Rivian investors is Ford, which is now rumored to be readying its luxury brand Lincoln's first EV in 2022 with a new skateboard-style chassis developed by Rivian.


Whether this is the same chassis that will underpin the highly anticipated Rivian R1S SUV is unclear, but seems likely.

Adventurous together': Rivian shows electric trucks in Normal

Normal showed why it's "the envy of communities across the country" Sunday.

Thousands gathered around Uptown Circle as electric car startup Rivian held a community showcase with three prototype vehicles that will be manufactured at the former

Mitsubishi plant starting next year — a demonstration of Rivian's growth since it came to town in 2016 and a sign of what's to come.