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Jan 22

5th wheel capability?




We are almost ready to put down our deposit but need to know if we will be able to put a 5th wheel hitch in the truck? We have a camper and need to be sure we can tow it! Feed back is appreciated!

Jan 22

That's an interesting question Jaymie. I'm myself am not sure if the Rivian will have the option of being equipped with a king pin. I guess it would be nice...we'll have to wait and see...

Thank you for getting back to me Nate! We can buy aftermarket but can the bed support that much weight? Will it affect the motors over the back wheels? I am hoping some one can answer as we really like the truck and we Are intending to purchase an electric vehicle one way or the other In the next two years

Jan 22

@Jaymie Taylor The Rivian R1T has a payload capacity of 800 kg and a towing capacity of 11,000 lbs. The R1T is also equipped with tons of features that will make it useful for people who actually use pickup trucks to take advantage of their capacity.

@Nate4x4 that is exactly why we are looking at it ... all of those specs fit our trailer!!

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Jan 24Edited: Jan 24

I have not seen the R1T in person, but doubt it could be equipped to pull a 5th wheel as either of the two traditional mounting methods would conflict with the bed tire storage. Also, you want the pivot point to be slightly in front of the rear wheels, which if it could be mounted would limit you to only a gooseneck 5th wheel, not a camper 5th wheel (slightly in front of the rear tires appears to be pretty close to the rear window which would be a problem cornering with a camper which typically takes about 36-48 inches from the pivot point to the rear window).

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