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10 hours ago

What is the expected battery pack life? Is there a limit on how many times the pack may be recharged?
Sep 23

Check out these new photos of the beautiful R1S posted by Rivian, on their Twitter page. The reflection of the SUV in the puddle looks so unreal! As we get closer everyday to the launch of these vehic
Feb 2

So close you can almost feel the breeze from it driving by. This is perhaps the most up-close and personal we’ve ever seen the Rivian R1S electric SUV. Even better, it’s in motion rolling by just fe
Mar 8

It’s only a matter of time until these 2 SUV race. Actually think it will close. you take Teslas exceptional traction control verses Rivians HP / torque !! You get some sticky tires there’s the trac
Oct 16

In my reading to date, I've not seen any information about how Rivian will handle service work, like what's available from traditional car dealerships. Given Ford's large investment in the company, a
Apr 20

The growing Rivian community is flexing its imagination more each day while taking the company’s “electric adventure” narrative to heart, and one design-minded member rendered Rivian’s R1S SUV as an e
Feb 2

Off to where the R1S truly shines. UPDATE: Rivian has tweeted an update (embedded below) sharing its R1S prototype is handling the -17 F (-27 C) cold just fine. It comes with a fresh pic (above) th
Jun 9

Just put my preorder in for the R1S. I read somewhere that Rivian plans on production of 20,000 units in year one. Is there anywhere or anyway to find out how many preorders have been placed? Or fin
Feb 4 Enjoy this beautiful photo of the R1S, cruising through the snow in th
Jan 17

I have been subscribed to Fully Charged for roughly a year, and I must say, their content and videographic quality is second to none. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to see that they uploaded the