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Feb 1

Tesla Truck to be revealed this summer? 500 mile range?


After driving a Model X for a few months, I was set on buying the Truck when it came out. However, based on the tweets from Elon and some of the artist‘s renditions, I’m not sure the Tesla truck is what I want. granted, everything is speculation, but I need the vehicle to fit in my garage and not be absurdly different, yet still perform as a truck. Thus, I’m planning on either the R1S, R1T or both. We’ll see. Hopefully the Tesla Truck won’t be the size of the Semi so it will be more of a mainstream truck as opposed to the gladiator type that Elon has hinted at.

Well, I would start off with the R1T if you're looking for a truck to easily fit into your garage as the size is on smaller side of the spectrum. I'm sure Tesla's Truck won't be available for delivery until 2021. So sticking with the R1T seems like your best choice as of now. @PoorPilot

Feb 1

The images that were released during the Semi reveal, back in November of 2017, are not necessarily what the pickup will look like. A truck that can tow 300,000 lbs. need not be so big that it wouldn't be able to fit in a garage. The ability to tow has a lot to do with the frame, the motor(s) have the torque to spare. The Semi is using 4 motors, the same motors that can be found in the Model 3.


My guess would be that Tesla reveals a ultra high end pickup sharing dimensions with a F350 - F550. Likely a high dollar toy for people with cash. High dollar low volume production is what is needed to pave the road for lower price high volume production. Not all that different from Model S to Model 3, Model X to Model Y (which is sharing about 70% parts with Model 3). Musk did mention that a more conventional version would be offered at a later date.


I suspect that it will share a lot of the underpinnings of the Semi. This will give it monster tow & pay load ability. As far as what it may look like, I don't see it looking like the Semi with a bed on the back. Perhaps more like the 2020 Roadster or ultra futuristic and brisling with high tech.


At this point it is all conjecture. All we can do is guess and wait for the reveal.

I'm leaning towards the R1S to replace my Expedition EL, but then again, I might choose the R1T for something different. I have a nearly 20 year old F150 that I use a couple of times a month. It squeaks, it leaks, and it has some odd odors, but I love it. I could care less about what I throw in the back or whether or not something scratches it. I can't say that I would have the same feelings after spending $70k or more for another pickup. I need a daily driver, but I also want something I can get dirty and not worry about spilling something in.


I realize the Tesla pickup is still conceptual, and no one, other than a few select designers and a CEO, know what it's going to look like. Even if it's a F350-F550 size, that would definitely not fit in most garages and I don't see people spending $100k+ on a vehicle to leave it out in the elements 24hrs a day. Just my opinion. If it's more along the lines of a F150, then we can talk, but I don't want to wait another 2-3 years before it's available. I fully support Tesla and I want them to succeed, but I'm also all about some competition. If Rivian delivers either one of their vehicles somewhat ontime (mid-2020) with the already announced specs, then they could be the next Model 3 game-changer of SUV's.

Apr 21Edited: Apr 25

Many are turned off by Rivians bed size. I'm concerned that the Tesla truck will be too large for my use. If the R1T doesn't make it I would have to go with the Model S. If the Tesla Truck is not too big I will consider it.

Apr 24

Most 1/2 ton pickups tow about 5-6 tons. Most heavy duty pickups can tow up to about 10 tons. Some heavy duty pickups can be configured to tow 16-17 tons. 150 tons is a pipe dream.

New Posts
  • The much-anticipated Rivian R1T electric pickup truck was recently spotted driving around Vancouver Island in Ucluelet, British Columbia. YouTube channel Ukeedaze uploaded the short clip, which appears to show the futuristic pickup driving around the charming Canadian town with a crew in a Chevrolet Suburban in front. It's unclear what exactly the prototype and its crew were doing, but by the looks of the equipment in the SUV and the fact that it had its rear hatch open, we assume it was filming some sort of commercial or B-roll video for the American automaker. The greenish-blue R1T can be seen in all of its quirky glory rolling through a street intersection in utter silence and cruising around slowly to make sure the crew in front can get a good look/shot of it. As we've noticed in previous videos, the R1T shows a healthy amount of ground clearance thanks to its off-road-ready suspension and wheel and tire package. The clip also shows the Rivian’s unique through-body storage space that lives between the passenger compartment and the bed, and there's even a large item being carried in the bed, although it's not clear what it is exactly. The R1T is promising to be an exciting vehicle, for sure. It’s said to have up to 750 horsepower, 400 miles of range on a single charge, and a zero-to-60 time of just three seconds. Furthermore, a quad-motor system enables a trick four-wheel-drive system to make sure it can go off the beaten path. Further bumping its credibility as a real truck, the R1T has a wading depth of over three feet and a maximum towing capacity of 11,000 pounds. Last time we caught a glimpse of the R1T it was way down south in Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, where multiple prototypes were seen testing in mountainous , rugged, and high-altitude settings back in September. Rivian has drawn major attention this year, receiving massive investment dollars from Amazon , Ford, and Cox Automotive (Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader's parent company). The company also has another vehicle in the works, a three-row SUV called the R1S, which has similar performance figures but a lower towing capacity of 7,500 pounds. source:
  • Is the EV range impacted by towing weight load as it is with gasoline engines?
  • The literature states that it is made of aluminum and steel. What parts are made of what does anyone know?